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  1. Andrea Flagg

    Dear Mrs. Stapp,

    I am a long-time admirer of your charity work with children and adore your book “Wacky Jacky”, and was hoping we could partner together to help raise awareness on bullying. I have been a professional career nanny for over 10 years and sadly have seen this matter over and over thru the years and want to help raise awareness, find solutions and focus on techniques to end bullying.

    Therefore, I have volunteered to be on the Sponsorship/Supporter Committee of the 2014 National Nanny Training Day in NYC which will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014. This is our 3rd year and we are proud to once again bring together Nannies of the Metro NJ/CT/New York City Area, along with Nanny-related businesses and organizations to gather for a daylong of networking and education thru four workshops on child related topics. Another highlight of the day is our “goodie bags” and raffle prizes.

    One of the workshop topics this year will be “Youth and Cyberbullying” which will be presented by the Anti-Defamation League-{ADL} and I hoping you would be willing to donate a copy of your fabulous book, “Wacky Jacky” as a gift for one of our raffle prizes. The NNTD NYC Prize Patrol will use your contribution to provide a great variety of prizes to the conference attendees and will tie in well with topic of “bulling.”

    All contributors will be listed on the “Sponsor/Supporter” section of our event page. In addition, they will be thanked when the prize is given away and we will also list your logo on our event page.

    If you have another creative marketing idea- kindly please let us know. We want to be accommodating to anyone who wishes to be a sponsor/supporter of our event and would welcome working out mutually beneficial situation so that you can promote your business and support National Nanny Training Day!

    Why Support National Nanny Training Day NYC?
    Supporting nannies is good for your business!

    The benefits include:

    ✦Exposure for your company with a group of Nannies who influence purchasing decisions for their employers.

    ✦Exposure for your company to local families.

    ✦Exposure for your company with a group of Nannies who are themselves consumers.

    ✦Your business demonstrates its dedication to quality childcare.

    ✦It is cost effective- low pricing makes this an affordable choice to impact your business.

    ✦Gain loyalty of Nannies, who in turn will generate “great buzz” for your business.

    ✦Our supporters enjoy a multi-platform approach- we use the web, print, social media and other sources to promote the event and your business will be included.

    ✦Our reach extends not only to the Nannies who attend, but also to others in the childcare profession, thru our social media, emails and blog posts.

    We support our advertisers and sponsors!

    ~We will use social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook to increase your visibility. Our attendees recommend our sponsors/supporters regularly in nanny blogs and by word of mouth.~

    If you have any questions please contact Beth Lehmann, NNTD NYC Coordinator 646.267.5879 or HYPERLINK “”

    Thank you for your consideration of this request, and we look forward to your support of 2014 National Nanny Training Day.

    Andrea Flagg~ Raffle Donations Volunteer
    Beth Lehmann ~NNTD NYC 2014 Coordinator

    2014 National Nanny Training Day NYC
    Sponsorship Application

    Please Print

    Company Name _____________________________________________________________

    Contact _____________________________________________________________


    Phone _______________________________________________________

    Email _______________________________________________________


    Twitter _______________________________________________________

    Facebook _______________________________________________________

    Item(s) being donated for Raffle and Value ______________________________________________________


    Date _______________________________________________________

    Please send donations to:
    Beth Lehmann~ NNTD Coordinator
    128 Alexander Ave. (Sidedoor)
    Yonkers, NY 10704

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