Wee Share Book Review: Wacky Jacky

Wacky Jacky: The True Story of an Unlikely Beauty Queen

About this Book (as taken from the Wacky Jacky website)

The kids at school call her Wacky Jacky, and with her loony lunches, knobby knees, and crazy mess of hair, it’s easy to see why! One day, Wacky Jacky grabs a pen and attempts the impossible, signing up for the town’s Little Miss Sunburst beauty pageant. Follow Wacky Jacky in her adventures on the school yard, at the children’s hospital, and on the stage as she looks inside herself and learns you don’t need a crown to sparkle…

My Thoughts

Growing up, I think every kid looks in the mirror at some point and dislikes something about themselves. For me, that thing I never quite loved was my hair. As I have gotten older, I have came to terms with it. I have realized that my hair is just part of me and who I am. There are days, though, that I can forget this and revert back to those days of utter dislike.

Each and every day, I do what I can to teach Raileigh to love every little part of herself. I make sure to tell her every day how beautiful she is both inside and out. I want her to know that it isn’t the perfect clothes or the perfect hair that make someone beautiful.

When I heard about a fabulous new children’s book entitled Wacky Jacky, I was excited to check it out. This book has a very important message for the little ones that read it. The story is of Jacky, a girl with crazy hair, different lunches, and skinny legs with knobby knees. The popular girl with perfectly straight hair and fancy clothes led the group of kids that liked to make fun of Jacky.

One day, though, Jacky decided to enter the school beauty pageant. This one act taught Jacky that she had a choice. The choice was to love herself and all of the quirky things that made her unique. This is who she was and that was indeed beautiful. Through accepting herself, Jacky also gained the acceptance of others.

Every school and every classroom is full of children just like Jacky. Children who originally think that they are weird because they are not like that one popular girl. However, every person is beautiful, and Jacky helps children look inside themselves to find this beauty and love themselves.

This is a message I am proud to share with Raileigh, and one that I think all children need to hear.

Before I end I must also tell you how BEAUTIFUL the illustrations are! Kristine Lucco created all of the pictures for this book and they are truly stunning.

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